Decoding Machine Learning for Debt Recovery and Collection

In a recent survey of lenders, 69% reported that machine learning will become a differentiator for financial services by 2024. But what exactly is machine learning, especially when applied to recovering delinquent funds?

About the eBook

This highly visual guide is designed to cut through the jargon and help you understand the basics of what machine learning is and its application in collections. Straightforward definitions, clear diagrams, and bottom-line benefits make this eBook your at-a-glance guide to the often challenging-to-explain technology known as machine learning.

This eBook will cover:
  • What is Machine Learning
  • How Machine Learning Is Used in Collections
  • The Challenges Machine Learning Solves for Collections
  • Benefits of Machine Learning in Collections

About TrueAccord

TrueAccord is a full-service digital-first debt collection agency that has worked with more than 20 million consumers of major banks, issuers, eCommerce companies, and direct lenders. We are transforming the debt collection industry and helping consumers reach financial health with convenient payment plans, customized billing schedules, and easy documentation.